• The Research Continues

    Ongoing EKS-DT process optimisation research is being conducted in collaboration with Western University.

  • EKS Innovations Set the Standard

    EKS has developed a number of patented innovations that have resulted in major improvements in the capital and operating costs of the EKS-DT process as well as improvements in the performance of the dewatering process itself.

  • EKS Helping to Drive Innovation in the Oil Sands

    EKS is pleased to have been identified by Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP) as a company that is helping to drive innovation in the oil sands industry. EKS is proud of the recognition the industry is giving it’s ElectroKinetic Solutions – Dewatering Technology (EKS-DT) and believe EKS-DT can help oil sand producers better manage oil sand tailings.

EKS-DT Benefits

Environmental Benefits

EKS-DT reduces the demand on fresh water sources by increasing the water available for reuse and decreases the disturbed land footprint from tailings handling,

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Improve Long-Term Sustainability

EKS – Dewatering Technology process test results demonstrate clearly that the overall impact of EKS-DT will be to improve the long-term sustainability of Alberta's

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Reduce Costs

EKS has prepared a detailed quantitative life cycle analysis for its technology and used these results to compare its economic and environmental performance with

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EKS-DT Process Innovations

Patented power signature reduces energy consumption and extends life of anodes.